Factory for production of parquet "DI FAČO" from Čelinac provides installation of products from own offer.

The factory employs professionally trained workers, who have rich experience in floor laying works on all types of surfaces. Large selection of parquet of various sizes enables high quality installation in commercial and residential buildings, laying on the stairs, laying on surfaces which are particularly exposed to wear and other surfaces.

Experienced carpenters demonstrated their knowledge in numerous facilities, using adhesives and lacquers by proven producers. Many satisfied customers are a special acknowledgment of top quality built parquet and expertly performed installation.

Modern tools for parquet works are used during the installation.

Within parquet works we provide:

• Setting parquet;

• Honing, polishing and other installation works;

• Renovation of parquet;

• Creating a mosaic and laying the parquet on demand,

and other services according to customer specification.

Wood products are valued for centuries as a decorative and technologically high quality product with excellent exploitation characteristics. They are used for thousands of years in interior design, making products for everyday use and for heating.

Wood is still a very attractive material, which takes its place in the fierce competition of new materials.

Its attractive appearance and proven quality gives it a timeless value.

Timeless beauty of wood and the exceptional quality come to the fore in parquet works.

Laying parquet has a long tradition, and satisfied customers worldwide confirm its functionality.

Employees of the company "DI FAČO" have extensive experience with production and installation of parquet. Experienced parquet workers carefully prepare the base; apply corresponding layers of insulation and adhesive, which are chosen according to the type of base, after which the parquet is laid. The method of installation is determined by the customer’s wishes.

Parquet is flooring, which last for many years!