Wood is a natural material that brings nature into business and residential buildings. Products from the parquet factory "DI FAČO" Čelinac are made of high quality wood and very effectively fit into the diverse style environment facilities for various purposes. They equally effective in residential and commercial buildings, resist wear and other mechanical loads for a long time and maintenance is very simple.

Interior design is considerably facilitated with quality flooring. Besides quality parquet, it is important to use quality lacquers and glues that guarantee a long life and low maintenance.

Company "DI FAČO" offers a wide selection of top quality lacquers and glues from proven manufacturers.

For a perfect look of our parquet we use the best glues, too.

The glue, based on water, is supplied from East Sarajevo.

Proper application of glue we offer enables the highest quality laminate flooring installation and use for a long period of time. All the products from our offer of adhesives are applied according to the manufacturer's instructions, which emphasize their proven quality. They are packed in their original packaging in various sizes, and our kind staff gives customers the necessary advice for the proper use. Adhesives and varnishes in our offer are of high quality, which we have proved by the installation in a number of objects.

Adhesive properties determine the way of application. The fastening power is excellent, achieved by proper application, according to the manufacturer's instructions. After some time parquet adhere to the base, after that it can be loaded and used. Adhesive from our offer have the standard-compliant viscosity and thixotropia, enabling easy application without spillage.

The power of binding is maintained for a long period of time, without impairing the elasticity and plasticity of glue. Adhesive plasticity and elasticity allows certain mobility of the floor during use, the resetting to its initial position, without the permanent displacements. Floor coverings must not be loaded before the correct attachment to the base, and upon the proper attachment, sanding can be carried out.

Wood is a natural material that reacts to changes in the environment, such as humidity, temperature and other factors. By proper application of adhesive and laying parquet, it is avoided the occurrence of excrescences that may occur due to the environmental impact. After proper installation, flooring is extremely resistant to external impacts and creates a pleasant atmosphere inside buildings, which come to the fore the best properties of wood.