"DI FAČO" Sawmill in Brezičani, near Prijedor starts October 15, 2007 thus completing the production cycle, from primary production to final product.

Oak logs from preserved natural areas need to be cut to the certain dimensions and prepared for further processing.

Primary processing of the first-class raw materials in our own facilities is suitable for the selection of the best trees and cut products, facilitates quality control and integrates the manufacturing process.

Sawmill products, as a starting material for processing at the plant in Čelinac, are manufactured in full compliance with modern standards in this area.

Demanding European market and strict regulations on quality means top quality products that are sold on the markets of European countries.

Quality control starts with the entry of logs to the mill and ends with the departure of finished products to the customer.

Employed workers are well acquainted with wood, and years of experience.

With their responsible work and knowledge they make a full contribution to the distinctive quality of "DI FAČO" products.

Selection of the top-quality trees and permanent control during primary processing is a reliable guarantee for the quality of the final product.

Sawmill employs 20 workers, with monthly processing of 200 m³ of logs, mainly sessile oak. The products from our saw mills are used exclusively for the production of thin parquet and solid flooring of 14 mm.

Considerable resources are invested in the machinery modernization, achieving a high quality of primary wood processing.

Sawmill products are graded, properly disposed of, thus creating the necessary conditions for further successful treatment.

Primary processing and drying produce a quality starting raw material, without the residual stress between the external and internal parts, thereby preventing cracking or chipping during the installation and use.

By proper regulation of the relation of surface and internal humidity, the starting raw material is released of residual stress, and creates a durable product which is resistant to mechanical stress.

By production of quality raw material for further processing, "DI FAČO" sawmill significantly improves the quality of parquet "DI FAČO".