Raw materials

Parquet production factory "DI FAČO" Čelinac, make their products from natural materials of proven quality, originating from these areas.

Forest communities of wider area are extremely well preserved and represent a stable, long-term source of raw materials for the production of parquet and other wood products.

Undisturbed development of vegetation in favorable ecological conditions has created a wealth of plant and animal species, which is the best evidence of forest health and quality of wood.

Forest communities are habitats of many plant and animal species, creating a variety of plant and animal life.

Natural forest resources are used rationally, with constant care of preservation.

Legal approaches have been undertaken to cutting and protection, and authorized forest economies enforce the laws and regulations.

Protection of forests protects their biodiversity, and decrease in the number of any kind leads to disturbances in the number of other species.

From the wide range of top quality trees from the surrounding forests, oak stands out with its quality, which occurs in several species in nature.


Sessile oak is the best for the parquet production, which is spread over a wider area.

Sessile oak (Quercus petraea) is extremely resistant wood of the genus of oak, acorn family (Fagaceae). It grows to a height of 40 m, with the thickness of the tree of 1-3 m.

It is resistant to dust, toxic gases, as well as to a variety of weather conditions.

In forests it is grown to 120 years, but its physiological age in nature is up to 1,000 years.

It has a strong and developed root system, with a central vein, which protects it against a variety of weather conditions and allows him a long life.

Oakwood is a high quality material, which found its application in the manufacturing of various products.

Quality of oak is known from the first human community, where it was very popular for the construction of buildings for different purposes.

Because of the longevity, powerful appearance, strength and other characteristics, in many traditions of the ancients, it has received supernatural elements and is considered a symbol of power, strength, longevity and might.

Sessile oak is extensively used for the production of high quality wood products in the modern age.

Oak parquet is known for its quality, which is transferred from the mighty trees, whose age naturally reaches a thousand years.

"FAČO" parquet brings in the strength of long-lasting, mighty trees from untouched nature in your residential and commercial premises!