Parquet production factory  "DI FAČO" Čelinac, in modern production plants, carries out all necessary works, from the processing of raw material to the production and packaging of the finished product.

Production takes place in an area of ​​9.000 m², in the factory, there are facilities for production, storage and drying facilities.

Our factory annually produces:

• 80,000 m² highest quality lamellar parquet;

• 60,000 m² classic parquet;

• about 50,000 m² solid flooring,

which puts us among the leading manufacturers, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also throughout the region.

Primary wood processing is carried out in the sawmill facilities in Brezičani, near Prijedor. The cut raw material is transported to the production facilities in Čelinac, where it is dried. After natural drying in the sun, drying continues in the drying chamber. Modern driers are automatically guided, with a capacity of 350 m³ of oak in one round.

Raw material is dried in the best Austrian and Italian hot water driers.

The drying process takes from 17 days in the summer period to 45 days in the winter period.

Drying is carried out in five separate chambers, and the daily decrease of moisture is from 2 to 2.5%.

Upon drying, the raw material is stored in custom objects with heating.

Then the wood is mechanically processed and we get the dimensions of parquet - the length, thickness and width.

After machining, parquet is classified.

Before packing, regular quality control is carried out.

At the end of the production process, parquet "DI FAČO" is packaged in a suitable container, delivered to the warehouse, and from there to customers across Europe.

We exclusively use shrinking thermo foil for packaging, in order to prevent the absorption of moisture or deformation of the parquet.