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Saw that remains in our factory after wood processing, is used for heating and drying, and in summer, from excess, we produce briquette - the best environment friendly energy source. Factory "DI FAČO" Briquette, which is 100% oak, has a great calorific power of 5,500 kcal. It is sold mainly on the domestic market and exported to Austria, Germany and Belgium.

Renewable energy sources are increasingly appreciated in the world, and bio-mass has great significance because of the extremely clean burning. The manufacturing process of parquet is performed with completely natural raw materials, and the generated waste is suitable for the production of extremely clean and valuable energy sources.

Briquettes and pellets of the factory "DI FAČO" are made of top quality oak waste, without chemical additives. In addition to the significant reduction in the cost of heating and drying, we get a high-quality energy source that does not generate toxic gases during burning. Wood residue is processed on special machines, packaged and marketed.

Biomass is considered a source of energy, which is a high-quality long-term solution for the heating of residential and commercial premises.

These energy sources are renewable, environmentally-friendly and suitable for transport and use. Factory "DI FAČO", Čelinac, has included very attractive products in its offer by the briquette and pellet production.

Briquettes and pellets from our offer are made from all-natural materials, creating a high quality product. The production process is fully completed, with the maximum utilization of raw materials. Oak logs enter sawmill as a raw material, from which are obtained sawmill products. With further procession, we produce parquet, and all the waste material is used for the production of briquettes and pellets.

Briquettes are formed by compressing wood chips in the appropriate molds, where this valued product gets the desired shape and size. It is packed in thermo shrink foil, where it is protected from moisture. It is suitable for transport and storage, and during stacking takes up little space.

Pellets are granules of approximately 30 mm, which are burnt in furnaces with a specially designed furnace. They are obtained by pressing saw dust, raw material is pre-dried to reduce the moisture to an acceptable level. They generate high heat output and burn with very little ash, which is completely adapted to modern environmental standards. During burning they generate the same amount of CO2 as they spent in the growth of the tree. The popularity of this fuel is steadily rising, increasing the number of plants for the production.

Using renewable energy sources is increasingly encouraged by legal solutions, and states increase the share of the natural energy sources under international agreements. EU countries have accepted the commitment that by 2010 the share of renewable energy is 12% of total consumption.