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Parquet producing factory "DI FAČO" from celinac possesses a modern production line where it performs all the necessary phase of the production, from processing the raw inputs to production and packaging the final product.

Classic parquet

Planks of the classic parquet are produced with a groove or a tongue... (BAS EN 13226). 

Solid flooring

Solid flooring strips are made with lateral and frontal groove and tongue, as left.

Mosaic parquet

The mosaic parquet is made of several layers placed on top of each other. (BAS EN 13226). 


Saw that remains in our factory after wood processing, is used for heating and drying, and in summer, from excess, we

Leading manufacturer

Parquet production factory  "DI FAČO" Čelinac, in modern production plants, carries out all necessary works, from the processing of raw material to the production and packaging of the finished product.


Production takes place in an area of ​​9.000 m², in the factory, there are facilities for production, storage and drying facilities.

Our factory annually produces:

• 80,000 m² highest quality lamellar parquet;

• 60,000 m² classic parquet;

• about 50,000 m² solid flooring,

which puts us among the leading manufacturers, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also throughout the region.


Install products from the bidding property.


Rounded production cycle from primary production to final product 


Natural materials of proven quality