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Parquet producing factory "DI FAČO" from celinac possesses a modern production line where it performs all the necessary phase of the production, from processing the raw inputs to production and packaging the final product.

Classic parquet

Planks of the classic parquet are produced with a groove or a tongue... (BAS EN 13226). 

Solid flooring

Solid flooring strips are made with lateral and frontal groove and tongue, as left.

Mosaic parquet

The mosaic parquet is made of several layers placed on top of each other. (BAS EN 13226). 


Saw that remains in our factory after wood processing, is used for heating and drying, and in summer, from excess, we

Solid flooring

Solid flooring strips are made with lateral and frontal groove and tongue, as left.

Left floor strip is the one which frontal tongue is on the left side when the face of the strip is turned up and sideways to the observer. The floor strips are made in length from 500 to 2400 mm and width from 90 to 200 mm.


The following species of wood are used for making strips - oak - ash – beech-steamed, - other types of wood to customer specification


All floor strips surfaces must be smooth and opposite sides parallel with sharp edges. Marginal and frontal edges of the upper side (face) must be direct to one another Deviation from the right angle of 0.4% of strip width is allowed.


Operating Humidity is 9 ± 2% in relation to absolutely dry wood. It is checked by calibrated electric hygrometer on the principle of random sampling.


- The deviation from flatness of the surface on the face, in some places to a depth of 0.5 mm

- The deviation from flatness of the surface on the reverse side to 5% of the thickness of the lower layer at 50% of the area

- Deviation from flatness of the tongue to 1/3 of the length

- In the lower layer of wood slats all flaws are unlimited (except rottenness).

Solid flooring - hardwood flooring of the "FAČO" company from Čelinac is made from high quality oak from preserved forests in this region.


• Solid flooring is manufactured in lengths of 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, up to 1800 mm, 1900 mm, 2000 mm.

• width: 120 mm, 140 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm in thickness of 20 mm and 15 mm are made with downcast edge to the customer's request.


•  width of 90 mm and 100 mm in thickness and 20 mm and 15 mm are made with the straight-edge.

• moisture 9% ± 2%;

• Nut and feder;

• Grades: Bis, Natur, Rustic A, Rustic B, Rustic D and Antique;

Solid parquet - Solid flooring from the company "DI FAČO" offer, Čelinac, is made of high quality oak wood for easy laying and maintenance, attractive appearance, resistant to abrasion and other mechanical stresses and fits easily in a variety of stylish environments. Thanks to the exceptional quality, always modern flooring, of timeless beauty, finds its customers in many countries of Europe. Solid flooring from our product program is your best choice!


Install products from the bidding property.


Rounded production cycle from primary production to final product 


Natural materials of proven quality