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Parquet producing factory "DI FAČO" from celinac possesses a modern production line where it performs all the necessary phase of the production, from processing the raw inputs to production and packaging the final product.

Classic parquet

Planks of the classic parquet are produced with a groove or a tongue... (BAS EN 13226). 

Solid flooring

Solid flooring strips are made with lateral and frontal groove and tongue, as left.

Mosaic parquet

The mosaic parquet is made of several layers placed on top of each other. (BAS EN 13226). 


Saw that remains in our factory after wood processing, is used for heating and drying, and in summer, from excess, we


Beech (Fagus) is a genus of deciduous trees, which contains about ten species


His natural habitat is Europe, Asia and North America. It grows in South and Central Europe.

It requires deep, fresh and rich soil, up to 2000 meters above sea level. It is a Unicameral, single-species. Deciduous tree up to 50 m in height and up to 2 m in diameter. The bark is ash-gray in color, thin and smooth to the ripe old age. The root system is shallow and well-developed. Leaves glossy, elliptical, in its youth are lash-hairy.

It blooms in April and May with leafing. Male flowers are in globular inflorescence, and female are on short stems. The fruit beechnuts ripen in the fall of the same year. Beech achieves its optimum point in subalpine range where it forms pure or mixed stands (usually with fir and spruce).


Install products from the bidding property.


Rounded production cycle from primary production to final product 


Natural materials of proven quality